Sling Diaries // In the spirit of summer

I used to ride carousels all weekend long. A ride cost 25 cents, my mom paid a dollar, and there I’d go. Around and around, on repeat. In a sleigh of course, because the horses were too terrifying for this girl. I don’t know what got me thinking about them, but once that carnival tune was in my head, it was over. We had to get to a carousel and fast. Luckily, our prize was just ten minutes away. We bought our tickets and chose the perfect horse. Dashiell held on to the pole like he’d been riding carousels all his life. And then… oh my, and then. The lights! The music! It moves! We missed catching the best of the smiles and laughs because we were laughing all too much and too busy taking it all in with our little guy. It was the best. Then we treated ourselves to some sweet treats and a game of Whack a Mole, obviously.

It was that old timey summer fun that I had almost forgotten about because I was too busy trying to avoid the crowds. The crowds are on to something though, and once in a while, it isn’t a completely terrible idea to follow them. Spontaneity, in the spirit of summer, right? So, we learned that Dashie thinks carousels and Whack a Mole are very, very, fun. And fun can be so, so, exhausting. He fell asleep in approx. 25 seconds as we left the pier. What a day.

A special thank you to Sakura Bloom for sponsoring this series of the Sling Diairies and Leigh, of Marvelous Kiddo, for hosting. I still feel honored and humbled to be included in this group of women. And I was right…these past six months have been beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for letting us share this piece of our lives with you.

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Sakura Bloom Simple Linen Sling in Coral.

Photos by Daddy, at the Santa Monica Pier. (Top two carousel photos, here.)

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Let’s Go Fly a Kite

It’s really summer now, isn’t it? Long, lazy lunches on sunny patios, cool evenings on sandy beaches, ice cream sandwiches for midday snacks. And late night snacks, for that matter. This weekend we’re going to celebrate our little guy’s last days as 8 months and say good morning to 9. We might go for a swim and fly a kite or two. Dashiell will continue attempting to stand and walk on his own. We got 3 whole steps the other day and I nearly died. It can be daunting trying to soak up every last bit of him, so I’m going to try my best to just have fun. Without (too much) crying. Okay, that’s enough of the sappy stuff! Now go and have a wonderful weekend!

photo  // pattern

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What she wore

This illustration by Danielle Kroll is just too good. She chronicles her super darling outfits by drawing them! Art and fashion collide. Can you believe the texture in this dress? That lace! Gorgeous!

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Happy Happy + Blogshop

Oh my, guess who went to Blogshop this weekend? It was wild, you guys. Bri and Angela have major Photoshop skills and the other blogshoppers weren’t too shabby either. There was lots of inspiration floating around that studio. Was intimidating. If you haven’t been, GO! It’s a little spendy, but hey, you’re worth it!

And, I couldn’t leave without sharing a little something I put together during class, right? Mini inspiration for Dash’s big 0-1. It’s coming up so quickly! Would you believe me if I told you this little number won me a copy of Photoshop CS6? I told you this weekend was wild!

left photo // right photo

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Sling Diaries // Breakfast Ritual

Weekends are for waffles. I can’t be sure when it started, but at some point, it did. Every weekend, Tim makes us breakfast. Then along came a baby and our breakfast for two became a breakfast for three. A real family breakfast. I still can’t believe it sometimes.

Now, Tim has a tiny helper. They make breakfast together, while I lounge in bed for just a little longer. But before you grow too envious, know that those boys are loud in the kitchen. LOUD, you guys. Bowls clanking, eggs breaking, and a whole lot of UH OHs. But it’s still the best and I hope it’s something Dashiell remembers doing with his dad. The thing that’s more fun to do with daddy than mommy because daddy lets him add entire handfuls of chocolate chips to the batter.

So this simple ritual of ours, has a history that’s being built week by week. With the occasional substitution, of course. Like when I end up in the emergency room waiting for surgery and the doctor tells me there is to be no carrying of the baby for 2-3 weeks. Or pools for 3-4. Which I laughed about and then cried. Because…you know. And then I needed something familiar once we were home. So those boys, that I love more than anything in the world, made me waffles. I wore Dashie when we ate, because I needed to be close to him after being away and the sling kept him high and off of my incisions. It worked out quite nicely. We spent the rest of morning on the floor, playing peek a boo, of course.

// sling diaries, on history //

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A little peek

Whoa there! Things got a little crazy around here for a bit. I think I am finally coming up for some air, which means I can get back to this space of mine. Speaking of which, Erin Jane is giving you a glimpse into the process behind the new blog design! Go have a look and spend more time there. I love her Need, Read, Greed and My 2 Cents columns!

P.S. Jane so kindly points you to my Pinterest feed, and it’s not a bad idea. If you can’t find me here, I am most definitely there.

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Sling Diaries // Lost in Portland

I remember flying all around with Dashiell while he was still in my belly. Seems a bit silly to think of those places as places he’s been, even though he was still inside of me. But still, he was a part of me and I shared each of those places with him.

He’s always liked to fly, I think. I felt his first kicks when our plane took off for a trip to Portland. They were strong and fast. It was just me and him and no one knew. And this week, we find ourselves here again. Seems too perfect, doesn’t it? To be writing about how we communicate in the place where he first tried communicating with me? And now, he does so, so much more. He smiles, shrieks, laughs, furrows his brows, or just looks at me in the eyes, searching for validation or an answer to his emotions. It’s loud, it’s silent. It’s surreal and powerful. It’s our own secret language. The kind only mama and baby understand. It allows us to find comfort in each other, no matter where we are, or how lost we might be.

On this trip, as is required for all trips to Portland, we stopped at Powell’s Books, to lose ourselves in the aisles of treasures. And we found one indeed: Larry Gets Lost in Portland, written by Michael Mullin and John Skewes. (It reminds me of these, our other favorite travel books.) We’re taking it home as our newest souvenir. (Our last Portland souvenir was this book. Still our favorite bedtime story.) As we read our new book and flipped the pages, I wondered if the smells and sounds, even flavors of the city were familiar to him.

Anyway, here we are. Discovering a new favorite book, about an old favorite place, where we first started speaking our own secret language.

// sling diaries: communication //

P.S. Powell’s spans an entire city block. If you visit, plan on spending hours, days, weeks, browsing through their 4 million+ books. Heaven on earth.

P.P.S. More Larry, here. And Larry Gets Lost in Los Angeles!

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Sakura Bloom Essential Silk Sling in Sandstone/Pebble.

Photos by Daddy, at Powell’s Books.

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On the go

Go, go, go, here in our world. Standing, cruising, sitting, crawling. At all hours, people. ALL hours. Is fun nonetheless.

Month 7 update coming soon. Before the month 8 update. Promise.

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Take me to Mexico

These blankets by Ikou Tschüss take me right to Mexico. Tacos, margaritas, beaches, bright colors. I could easy relax for hours on these guys. Preferably the one with the donkey. Reminds me of this guy, actually.

the flag // donkey

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Walnut Animal Society

Have you met these sweet friends? Lauren Bradshaw created these adorable stuffed animals to be part of the Walnut Animal Society. We try to keep toys to a minimum around here. Making space only for those special things that are timeless and long-lasting. We have Henry the Fox and methinks he’ll be around for quite a while. Dashie seems to take quite nicely to soft, cuddly friends and I think it’s the sweetest thing in all the land.

Find them here, or, for the time being, on discount at Fab. Veryyy tempted to invite Ruthie the Deer and Magnolia the Bunny into our home. I mean, the floral prints and the capelet? Come on!

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