Sling Diaries // Lost in Portland

I remember flying all around with Dashiell while he was still in my belly. Seems a bit silly to think of those places as places he’s been, even though he was still inside of me. But still, he was a part of me and I shared each of those places with him.

He’s always liked to fly, I think. I felt his first kicks when our plane took off for a trip to Portland. They were strong and fast. It was just me and him and no one knew. And this week, we find ourselves here again. Seems too perfect, doesn’t it? To be writing about how we communicate in the place where he first tried communicating with me? And now, he does so, so much more. He smiles, shrieks, laughs, furrows his brows, or just looks at me in the eyes, searching for validation or an answer to his emotions. It’s loud, it’s silent. It’s surreal and powerful. It’s our own secret language. The kind only mama and baby understand. It allows us to find comfort in each other, no matter where we are, or how lost we might be.

On this trip, as is required for all trips to Portland, we stopped at Powell’s Books, to lose ourselves in the aisles of treasures. And we found one indeed: Larry Gets Lost in Portland, written by Michael Mullin and John Skewes. (It reminds me of these, our other favorite travel books.) We’re taking it home as our newest souvenir. (Our last Portland souvenir was this book. Still our favorite bedtime story.) As we read our new book and flipped the pages, I wondered if the smells and sounds, even flavors of the city were familiar to him.

Anyway, here we are. Discovering a new favorite book, about an old favorite place, where we first started speaking our own secret language.

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P.S. Powell’s spans an entire city block. If you visit, plan on spending hours, days, weeks, browsing through their 4 million+ books. Heaven on earth.

P.P.S. More Larry, here. And Larry Gets Lost in Los Angeles!

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Photos by Daddy, at Powell’s Books.

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  1. Charlene

    The first two pictures in black and white are my favorite

  2. Jackie

    adorable pictures!

  3. Such cute photos and a beautiful post! ~Barefoot mama

  4. Powells is great! We have family in Portland and I wish we were able to visit it more often–such a cool & beautiful city. Looks like you had fun! :)

  5. What a beautiful blog you have. I am a friend (internet friend) of Erin and she really did a beautiful job with your design.

    Powells is the best. We were there last year and it really made me want to move to Portland.

  6. that sling – so adorable!!!! your blog is a breath of fresh fun air :)

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